Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Beginning............

This is the beginning of a new blog aimed at all those interested in the past,present and future of transport by land,sea or air. It is about current realities and future vision in each of those timescales.While probably majoring on aviation I see all modes as having relevance to each other. Air'N There will question conventional wisdoms, and "models" and look behind some of the apparent realities. Frustration will be inevitable when nonsenses lie across the track, road,river,or airway and as the world is full of these, past,present and future there should be plenty to talk about. The aim will always be enlightenment, explanation and sometimes to express irritation or exasperation based on an objective look at what is and could be happening or have happened.

The twin questions, "Why?" and "Why not?" will always be close to the surface. Most people want to see better things in short timescales.The tone will reflect this. No offence is intended to anyone by anything.

For those with wider general UK and international political, business and other interests there is a parallel blog "Twiga View".