Saturday, 23 January 2016

"We have a policy in place outlining the options available to you..."

This rather bleak and austere "We have a policy in place" statement comes from BA's website today telling passengers, sorry customers, what they can do if their flight to East Coast USA is cancelled or delayed. Brusque, efficient yes. Warm, friendly no. Either the writer hasn't heard about tone of voice being an important part of wall to wall brand integrity or, worryingly the statement reads exactly as intended. Once again it's a long haul from a predecessor company's "All over the world we'll take good care of you". That indicated all sorts of good things,- and a smile.

While on the subject of BA, we note the introduction on long haul flights of a selection of  purchasable enhanced Economy Class meals . This is an interesting move to increase the total yield or take from the back of the bus. Hopefully the former world's favourite full service airline will not reduce the size, quality or any other attribute of its standard "free" meals as a way of persuading higher numbers to trade up.