Sunday, 17 October 2010

Etihad Plans,- The "I" Word.

Today's Sunday Times(17/10/10)carries an interview by Karen Robinson with James Hogan,CEO of Etihad.
Mr Hogan says much what one would expect and starts off well enough with the simple statement "We are right at the crossroads of the world" So far so good. That is exactly where the Gulf is and a glance at the departure boards of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha,- particularly Dubai,- airports at any time of their 24 hour days will confirm that they are making good use of it and must be causing furrowed brows in airline board rooms especially in Asia, Africa and Europe. An hour or two spent airside watching the flows of passengers and who they are, (everybody from everywhere) will reaffirm the fact and provide much food for thought.All the flows and cross-flows seem to work.It's most impressive.
The interview then continues well enough with a few more "our"s and "we"s until about the half way point when these are replaced by "my" and "I". A small thing maybe, but if this is how the interview went,then dangerous. Always "we" and "our", Mr Hogan or "they" might get a bit upset.............