Thursday, 30 June 2011

Snow Job, -Welcome to BAA Heathrow's new Operations Director

The appointment of outsider Normand Boivin, currently operations chief at Montreal, as the new Director of Operations at Heathrow is an interesting one.

While relatively busy domestically and cross-border to the USA, Montreal has realtively little truly international business and is a fairly simple operation. He will therefore find the size and complexity of Heathrow an interesting and stretching challenge.If he doesn't he's missing something.

Mr Bovin's winning hand though must be experience and expertise in handling winter snow,- very large amounts of it although whether it is the same as the UK's seemingly unique variety remains to be seen. The arrival of an outsider with a fresh view of the airport is very welcome and if he can score an early hit by dramatically improving Heathrow's ways of handling snow and its attitude to keeping the show on the road whatever the elements may throw at it. Hopeless, hapless resignation and failure to look after customer airlines and their customers as last winter is simply unacceptable. If he is an operational man with a deep and truly passionate understanding that the airport is a service business and no longer a state monopoly "Authority" ,he will be worth his weight in avoided complaint letters, compensation claims and lost future business.

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